Nimbus Platform, a DeFi solutions provider, strives to build a user-friendly platform that combines multiple financial instruments. Our team developed smart contracts, backend and frontend solutions, and performed full product testing. We delivered over a dozen products, including affiliate programs, a swap engine, staking scenarios, governance, lending/borrowing ecosystem, cross-chain token wrapping, P2P exchange, financial derivative NFT token, and cash flow analytics. As a result, Nimbus Platform received a comprehensive DeFi platform that outperforms many big competitors in functionality and continues to evolve successfully.

Technology Stack


Ethereum and Binance


Node.js, web3.js, Sequelize, Apollo-Client, GraphQL, LogDNA




Solidity, Hardhat, Node.js, ethers.js


React.js, web3.js




Nimbus Platform, a DeFi solutions provider, aims to be a one-stop shop for all levels of crypto users. Their goal was to create an intuitive platform that integrated multiple revenue-generating services for a diverse audience, from crypto newbies to hardcore enthusiasts. The initial products developed by another team proved the concept, allowing the Nimbus community to grow to thousands of users. However, the product didn’t scale well, so they approached us to re-develop and enhance their suite of solutions, adding more to the initial proposition. Our cooperation’s complexity can be described in a dozen separate case studies. The biggest challenge was consolidating various services into one platform while balancing time constraints and client desires.


Our responsibility was to develop a comprehensive solution for Nimbus Platform, addressing the technical and business challenges they faced: fixing existing issues, implementing new offerings, and building a future-proof system that can grow bigger. The goal was to deliver a seamless platform for multiple products that outperformed competitors in terms of functionality and user experience.


We began with a code audit to identify what’s going on with the already developed solutions. Afterward, we built a roadmap and ultimately provided a full package of services for Nimbus Platform, developing smart contracts for two networks (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain), backend, frontend, and full product testing. Over time, we developed and released multiple products within the project, including:

  • three types of affiliate programs
  • a swap engine with a supporting project affiliate program
  • staking family (up to 10 different staking scenarios)
  • governance
  • lending/borrowing ecosystem
  • cross-chain token wrapping
  • project’s P2P exchange
  • financial derivative NFT token
  • admin dashboard
  • full project’s cash flow analytics

Upon request, we also prepared the documentation package.


As a result of our efforts, Nimbus Platform successfully operates their comprehensive DeFi platform with a wider range of functionality than many big competitors. The platform continues to evolve based on the foundation laid by our efforts. By addressing both the technical and business challenges, we helped Nimbus to achieve their goal to make an intuitive and versatile platform that caters to various users in the crypto market.

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