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Discover how we develop sophisticated, user-friendly blockchain solutions for clients in various industries. These projects showcase our commitment to building top-notch applications that help businesses succeed and contribute to the broader adoption of blockchain.

Nimbus Platform, a DeFi solutions provider, strives to build a user-friendly platform that combines multiple financial instruments. Our team developed smart contracts, backend and frontend solutions, and performed full product testing. We delivered over a dozen products, including affiliate programs, a swap engine, staking scenarios, governance, lending/borrowing ecosystem, cross-chain token wrapping, P2P exchange, financial derivative NFT token, and cash flow analytics. As a result, Nimbus Platform received a comprehensive DeFi platform that outperforms many big competitors in functionality and continues to evolve successfully.

CryptoSerpent is a nostalgic play-to-earn game that combines the classic Snake gameplay with blockchain technologies, targeting gamers aged 14-30. Our team developed a complete solution for the project, including organizing a successful NFT sale of “eggs” to fund development. We provided a full package of services such as smart contract development, backend, frontend, game logic, and testing. The project resulted in a successful play-to-earn game launch, with several updates that introduced a P2P marketplace and the ability to exchange NFTs. CryptoSerpent offers an engaging gaming experience while allowing players to earn real cryptocurrency.

Liquid Access is a blockchain-based subscription management tool that generates NFT tokens for users with memberships or subscriptions to partner services. Our team developed a complete solution, including smart contracts, backend, frontend, and full QA. We used the Polygon Network for low gas fees and developed EIP721 project token, API architecture, subscription service, and auction bidding platform. As a result, Liquid Access has successfully launched and it enhances the crypto world with an efficient way to manage, transfer, or sell subscriptions using NFTs.

An agency and gallery for photographers, Assembly decided to expand their activities into blockchain. We developed a solution that allows photographers to sell their work as NFTs on a platform that offers a smooth experience for artists and collectors. Our team created various features, including a unique EIP721 project token, royalty transfer, lazy minting, and an auction bidding platform. As a result, Assembly successfully launched their curated NFT marketplace, benefiting the photography community through blockchain technology.

Fairspin, an online casino for crypto enthusiasts, needed a way to handle crypto deposits and withdrawals easily. In just two months, our team developed a custodial wallet for their platform. We made it user-friendly with auto-created wallets during the registration. We also provided an admin-side monitoring tool. The project helped Fairspin offer more payment choices and improved user experience, while our team learned more about adding solutions to existing products.

Anmol aims to simplify Web3 technology adoption and promote blockchain use. Our team was tasked with creating a collection of NFTs using Anmol’s token and developing a custom image generator. Within a month, we developed smart contracts on the Ethereum network, backend, frontend, and performed full product testing. We delivered a unique EIP721 project token, a custom image generator called Anmol Moulds, full frontend development, and integrated Web3 into the existing project. Our successful and timely delivery expanded Anmol’s revenue-generating tools, attracting more users interested in Web3 technology.

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