Liquid Access


Liquid Access is a blockchain-based subscription management tool that generates NFT tokens for users with memberships or subscriptions to partner services. Our team developed a complete solution, including smart contracts, backend, frontend, and full QA. We used the Polygon Network for low gas fees and developed EIP721 project token, API architecture, subscription service, and auction bidding platform. As a result, Liquid Access has successfully launched and it enhances the crypto world with an efficient way to manage, transfer, or sell subscriptions using NFTs.

Technology Stack




Node.js, web3.js, Express.js, Sequelize




Solidity, Hardhat, Node.js, ethers.js


React.js, web3.js


Git, heroku


Liquid Access wanted to create a blockchain subscription management tool. They envisioned a platform that generates NFT tokens for users with memberships or subscriptions to partner services. For businesses, tokenization of loyalty programs prevents double spending of perks and benefits, as well as multiple ownership. NFTs also offer unprecedented marketing possibilities. For consumers, NFTs provide a sense of true ownership, easy transfer to others, an auction platform to buy and sell subscriptions, and potential profit if the NFT price rises. The target audience consists of people who use subscription-based services and are familiar with the crypto world.


Liquid Access had the idea and UI design concept, and they sought our help to refine it and bring the product to market. Our task was to develop a complete solution, including the development of smart contracts, backend, frontend, and full product testing.


Our team began with a discovery phase, during which we collaborated with the client to understand their requirements and propose a solution. After the client approved the discovery, we provided a full package of services that included the development of smart contracts for the Polygon Network (selected for its low gas fees), backend/frontend code, and QA effort. We developed and released the following products for the project:

  • a unique EIP721 project token
  • API architecture
  • subscription service
  • auction bidding platform

We then handed over the complete code to the customer.


As a result of our efforts, Liquid Access successfully launched a novel NFT subscription service and auction platform catering to their target audience. Exactly as conceived, the platform allows users to efficiently manage, transfer, or sell their subscriptions using NFTs. Their 1st customer brand is Aloha browser. As for our team, this interesting project, which is different from the classic DeX stuff, provided us with valuable experience in creating lightweight and innovative solutions.

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