Fairspin, an online casino for crypto enthusiasts, needed a way to handle crypto deposits and withdrawals easily. In just two months, our team developed a custodial wallet for their platform. We made it user-friendly with auto-created wallets during the registration. We also provided an admin-side monitoring tool. The project helped Fairspin offer more payment choices and improved user experience, while our team learned more about adding solutions to existing products.

Technology Stack




Node.js, web3.js


Node.js, ethers.js


React.js, web3.js


Git, heroku


Fairspin is an online casino that has been operating since 2018, mainly targeting crypto enthusiasts. They offer a variety of games such as slots, live dealer games, card games, and video poker. Players can use cryptocurrencies and traditional money for payments. Users can play anonymously, check the return to player (RTP) percentage, and monitor the fairness of the games.


Fairspin developed its core functionality in-house, but they needed our team to create a custodial wallet solution for crypto deposits and withdrawals in over 20 tokens. Our goal was to integrate this solution seamlessly into Fairspin’s existing platform.


In just over two months, our team delivered a complete service package, including smart contracts development on Ethereum network, backend, frontend, and full product testing. We built and released a custodial wallet service and a multi-vendor payment processing solution that supports any EVM blockchain. The solution featured:

  • automatically generated user wallets
  • automatically generated master wallets for vendors
  • common token support for the system
  • custom token for each vendor
  • automatic transfer of assets to the vendor’s master wallet
  • a back-office for system monitoring


We quickly and successfully integrated the requested functionality into Fairspin’s existing platform. The casino now supports multiple currencies, providing a smooth experience for users, with wallets created automatically during registration. The detailed documentation we provided helped the client’s internal development team continue supporting the new features delivered by us. Our team gained valuable experience in integrating our solutions into existing products.

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