CryptoSerpent is a nostalgic play-to-earn game that combines the classic Snake gameplay with blockchain technologies, targeting gamers aged 14-30. Our team developed a complete solution for the project, including organizing a successful NFT sale of “eggs” to fund development. We provided a full package of services such as smart contract development, backend, frontend, game logic, and testing. The project resulted in a successful play-to-earn game launch, with several updates that introduced a P2P marketplace and the ability to exchange NFTs. CryptoSerpent offers an engaging gaming experience while allowing players to earn real cryptocurrency.

Technology Stack


Binance Smart Chain


Node.js, web3.js, Apollo-Server, GraphQL, Sequelize




Solidity, Hardhat, Node.js, ethers.js


React.js, web3.js, Apollo-Client, GraphQL


GitHub, heroku


The CryptoSerpent team aimed to revive fond memories for gamers with a play-to-earn twist. The fundamental Snake gameplay has been consistent since its inception in the 1970s arcades and its resurgence on 1990s Nokia mobile phones (depending on the generation of gamers you ask). The player must prevent the snake from crashing into obstacles or its own body, a task that grows increasingly difficult as the snake grows with each eaten piece of food. By incorporating blockchain technologies into it, CryptoSerpent not only creates nostalgia but also allows to earn real cryptocurrency. The target audience ranges from 14-30 years old.


Initially, we were presented only with a whitepaper sketch and a game genre idea. Our task was to develop a complete solution for CryptoSerpent and help organize project funding through an NFT sale.


After the discovery phase, we organized an NFT sale of “eggs” from which playable snakes would grow in the game after its release. This artifact token sale was a success and funded further development. During the development process, our team provided a full package of services for CryptoSerpent, including smart contract development on the Binance Smart Chain Network, backend, frontend, game logic, and full test coverage. Technically, it was interesting to utilize EIP20, EIP1155, and EIP721 tokens in one project. A high point in development was the unique mix of backend and smart contracts with highly optimized gas costs for the Snake game engine. In addition to the core game, we created:

  • a P2P marketplace for selling/buying project artifacts among players
  • admin-side analytics
  • Telegram bots


As a result of our efforts, CryptoSerpent had a successful NFT sale and then successfully launched as a play-to-earn game. Several updates were made after the initial release, introducing a P2P marketplace and the ability to exchange NFTs. For us, the project provided a complex game development experience and an opportunity to apply our blockchain expertise in GameFi. CryptoSerpent continues to engage its target audience, offering an enjoyable gaming experience combined with real cryptocurrency earnings.

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