An agency and gallery for photographers, Assembly decided to expand their activities into blockchain. We developed a solution that allows photographers to sell their work as NFTs on a platform that offers a smooth experience for artists and collectors. Our team created various features, including a unique EIP721 project token, royalty transfer, lazy minting, and an auction bidding platform. As a result, Assembly successfully launched their curated NFT marketplace, benefiting the photography community through blockchain technology.

Technology Stack




Solidity, Hardhat, Node.js, ethers.js


React.js, web3.js




Assembly is a gallery and agency in Houston, Texas that helps photographers and the groups that support them by showing important works from top fine art photographers and new talents. In 2022, they envisioned the Assembly Curated Platform to propose their audience get acquainted and benefit from adding NFTs to their work.


The aim was to build a platform for people interested in photography and crypto that would allow selling photographs as NFTs, helping artists make money using blockchain technology. The platform needed to create a smooth experience for artists and collectors, including an internal auction system, royalties, and artist connections.


In just over a month after the straightforward discovery phase, our team developed a package of services for Assembly, including smart contracts on the Ethereum Network, backend, frontend, and full product testing. We created and launched the following features for the project:

  • a unique EIP721 project token with supported build
  • royalty transfer
  • lazy minting
  • improved support for multiple artists and collections
  • support for digital and real-world art objects
  • auction bidding platform
  • a custodial version of the auctions


We quickly provided a simple and effective solution for the client. As a result, Assembly successfully launched their blockchain platform and continues to run it effectively, bringing value to the photography community through NFTs.

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