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Anmol aims to simplify Web3 technology adoption and promote blockchain use. Our team was tasked with creating a collection of NFTs using Anmol’s token and developing a custom image generator. Within a month, we developed smart contracts on the Ethereum network, backend, frontend, and performed full product testing. We delivered a unique EIP721 project token, a custom image generator called Anmol Moulds, full frontend development, and integrated Web3 into the existing project. Our successful and timely delivery expanded Anmol’s revenue-generating tools, attracting more users interested in Web3 technology.

Technology Stack




Node.js, web3.js, Sequelize, Cloudinary, IPFS




Solidity, Hardhat, Node.js, ethers.js


React.js, web3.js


GitHub, heroku


Anmol wants to make it easy for everyone to use Web3 technology and promote the use of blockchain as the industry standard. They’re building a multi-chain Web3 toolkit to help businesses, influencers, content creators, and everyday users easily move to the new wave of online activities without needing to know programming. Anmol is also working on a new blockchain for transferring NFTs, tokens, and other digital assets.


Our team was asked to create a collection of NFTs for Anmol using their own token and to develop a custom image generator (Ape-style, where NFTs are created at random from parts). The project was aimed at crypto fans and beginners who wanted to create crypto solutions. We had a month to finish the project.


In the given timeline, our team provided several services, including smart contracts development on Ethereum network, backend, frontend, and full product testing. We created and released the following for the project:

  • a unique EIP721 project token
  • a custom image generator called Anmol Moulds
  • full front-end development for the project
  • integrating Web3 into the existing project


We successfully delivered the NFT auction solution on time. Creating the custom image generator for NFTs was a fun challenge for our team. Because of our work, Anmol was able to offer more revenue-generating tools on their platform, helping them reach even more people interested in Web3 technology.

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