Our Process

Our process is designed to ensure deep understanding, strong collaboration, and smooth project execution. We know that each project is unique, and we’re skilled in adapting our approach to fit the client’s preferences.

Time and materials, fixed price and dedicated team are core collaboration models we offer. Our flexibility and ability to handle uncertainty are key strengths. We are ready to pivot, grow, or remove functionality as needed to hit the moving business target.

Here’s an overview of our comprehensive approach, which serves as a sample process in an ideal case:

1. Initial Contact and Project Assessment

When a new client contacts us, our project manager requests the terms of reference for the upcoming project. Together with the team lead, they review the documentation, compile a list of questions, and clarify uncertainties with the client. If technical documentation is incomplete or the customer needs help deciding on the best technical solution, we’ll offer an extended discovery phase. If the documentation is complete and project milestones and timelines are clear, we’ll move on to the development proposal stage.

2. Discovery

During the discovery phase, our project manager and team lead work closely with the client to gather answers to all remaining questions and gain a complete understanding of the project’s objectives and feasibility. The client receives a detailed document outlining the technical implementation of their project, including diagrams and descriptions of each top-level use case.

3. Development Proposal

Once the project flow is approved, we create a development proposal. This involves dividing the project into milestones, starting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development and followed by the roadmap of later feature expansions. Our PM and team lead assemble a balanced team to ensure steady workloads and optimal productivity.

4. Product Backlog Creation

When the client confirms the development proposal, we prepare the backlog for the first milestone. This includes a list of user stories with acceptance criteria, supported by the use case descriptions, and a detailed specification of each functionality to be delivered by the end of the milestone.

5. Sprint/Milestone Planning

With the acceptance criteria approved, our team can begin development. Before starting, we create a sprint plan outlining the tasks to be included for each team member. Demo is held at the end of the sprint to present the work done. Documentation will also cover any use cases that are addressed during the sprint.

6. Delivery and Reporting

For T&M billing and dedicated team models, our project manager provides weekly project status reports during each sprint. Every report contains a summary of tasks completed by each team member and the time spent on implementation.
In the fixed-price billing model, the final report is provided once a milestone has been achieved. In this transparent and accountable way our customers can monitor project progress and evaluate the overall performance.

During the entire process, we stay focused on our clients’ business goals and are ready to adjust our approach if needed. We understand that projects may change direction or scope, and our adaptability allows us to handle these situations efficiently.

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